This way of hunting is the oldest and most traditional hunting method in Spain. This big game drives are mostly for Red Stag and Wild Board but sometimes also for Fallow Deer or Mouflon Sheep.

The hunting ground "mancha" is surrounded by hunters who are located in their stands which are distributed in different lines known as "armadas". The stands are assigned to the hunters by a previous draw.

Once the hunting ground is surrounded by the hunters, the packs of hounds are released. Is normal to release from two to four hundred dogs. Even though it is possible to collect fine trophies at a "Monteria" the whole purpose of this way of hunting is to reduce the areas that are over populated, and to breathe the atmosphere and to enjoy the colorful spectacle, the work of the hounds, and to sense the feelings of the animal dashing towards us with the hounds at its heels.

Often a large amount of game is hunted in one day.

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