We are one of the most important shooting companies in Spain; I would dare to say we are the number one in terms of partridges shoot.

"Ventosilla" is the most emblematic partridge shooting estate in Spain with more than 5,000 wild hectares, where in 1884 took place the first drive in Spain organised by my great-grandfather the Duke of Santoña with HRM King Alfonso XIII.

The drives we have at "Ventosilla" are all extraordinary "Ventosilla"'s drives have tested the mettle of history's big shots: kings, prime ministers, Edwardian peers, shooting legends.

It is a very rich and beautiful Estate with vineyards, olive groves, sowing's lands, and forest. Thanks to this richness, every drive is different from the other, but all of them having in common its excellence. The undulating and hilly ground contributes to some very testing partridges but it also has the variety to suit all abilities of marksmanship.

Partridges have an impressive flight; you will be able to verify if you decide to come. They flight superbly.

As I said before the topography of the estate produces a great variety of drives which show fast challenging partridges helping to ensure a top quality day of partridge shooting.

The accommodation is also exceptional. The palace is a unique place in Spain; I guarantee you can not find any other place in Spain, which can be compared to. It was the holiday's residence of the Bishop of Toledo from the XIV till the XIX Century when it became a property of my family. Not to tell about our service, catering and wines all them exceptional.

"Ventosilla" is very well located; only 96 km. far away from Madrid and 20 km. far away from the Imperial city of Toledo.

It would be a great honour for us if you chose "Ventosilla" for your partridge shoot and I can guarantee, you would be more than satisfy with that choice because "Ventosilla" is a unique place with an incomparable framework and an extraordinary and unforgettable shooting.I would recommend you to have a look at our web site www.ventosilla.org and if you have interest I could also send you our "Ventosilla"´s brochure.

Season starts on October 8th and ends on February 8th. When the hunting season is over Ventosilla is available for Bird-watching groups in the borders of the marshes of the Lake Castrejon as well as any other corporate activities.
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